Tran'sActions Accounting, LLC

Cloud Accounting

Utilizing the latest technology, we are able to offer our clients safe, secure, and reliable access to your financials, 24/7. Our cloud and virtual desktops come fully equipped with accounting & bookkeeping software (Quickbooks, Sage, and more!). 

We know the value of information and its importance to the everyday business owners. By utilizing our cloud services, your information is available anywhere at anytime -- via a safe and secure login.

We take your security seriously -- that is why we utilize a third-party provider for all our security and secure logins. Our clouds are hosted by InsynQ and their dedicated team of engineers.

Secure & Reliable

When your business or organization decides to implement hosted desktops, all of the information moved to the virtual desktop is immediately protected and backed up in our data-center. 

The level of security implemented on virtual desktops is actually much higher than a typical business’ office desktop setup. HIPAA certified engineers are constantly monitoring your remote desktop and ensuring that all anti-virus software remains up-to-date and active. 

This means you'll never have to worry about virus or spam protection when operating your virtual desktop as that is all managed for you.


Our virtual desktop allow your business to utilize enterprise-class servers at no additional costs! 

The service includes certified engineers who monitor all data, regularly create backups, update and install anti-virus software as well as other functions that businesses normally hire IT departments to handle. 

With virtual desktop hosting, those costs are obliterated and your business is left paying nothing but a low monthly fee. Server and software updates are a thing of the past and no longer your concern with virtual desktops and the savings keep adding up. 


The potential to your business is almost endless! The cloud gives you the ability to travel and take your office with you.

It also allows us, your accountants, to book, track, and analyze your business with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Our clients have even used our cloud to collaborate with sales reps -- giving them the ability to login via smart phones and see their latest product pricing and sales incentives.